Floor Tiles Or Carpet Flooring, Which One To Choose?

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Both the floor tiles and the carpet flooring have been in the market for long and have been used in the flooring of both the commercial and residential properties and the carpet suppliers in gisborne also have now been manufacturing the various variety of the carpets. But there are number of factors which contribute to both of these and it varies from person to person that which of these flooring is better suited. If you go to carpet suppliers, they will certainly tell you that carpets are better choice but following comparisons are done so that you could decide which is better for yourself.


Since various floor tiles in christchurch have various costs and some of these floor tiles could be a match for some of the carpets flooring provided by the carpet suppliers but most of the time the initial cost of the tiles are higher if the installation is summed up as well but it is still cost effective as good quality floor tiles will last up to 50 years whereas it is difficult for a carpet to last even six years.


The areas where there are not much of the traffic, the carpets may be of better choice but the areas with the heavy traffic, the floor tiles are the best option as these offer higher durability and are not worn down this easily.

Modern floor tiles:

You may have seen the carpet flooring in the past but these are not used anymore as extensively in modern constructions and renovations. Mostly because the floor tiles give a much more finished and cleaner look that is easy to clean and are decent and sophisticated.


One of the reason why people avoid having carpet floors is because these absorb the dusts and dirt too much and it is very difficult to clean it, not only this but if some liquid falls on it then it takes so much effort to remove the stain and sometimes the colour of the carpets also fade from this. On the other hand, the floor tiles are free from all of these problems and these are much easy to clean, the dust and dirt is not absorbed into the tiles and stay on the surface which are then easily cleaned off.  Not only this, but the allergens are absorbed in to the carpet which could lead to number of diseases and skin infection because it is not cleaned and disinfected on daily basis but with the tiles you could clean these off and even disinfect it so that all the viruses, allergens and bacteria are killed.

Water resistance:

It goes without saying that the carpets no matter how much of good quality are not water resistant and once water falls on it, it is absorbed and most of the carpets causes the smell when moist, whereas the tiles are free from this problem and provide water resistance.